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Hey friends! Nadya here! I wanted to introduce myself. I am not only a wife, but also a mom and grandma, cherishing the incredible journey of life that has unfolded! Together with my husband, we've been blessed with the joy of raising five amazing children, each of whom are now married with kids of their own. When we first got married, I told my husband I wanted 10 kids. Lo and behold, God gave me 10! Our family has since expanded to include 13 grandchildren, six of which are boys and seven girls, each one a precious blessing that lights up our lives.

We have been married for 39 years, so our story is long, but right now, we are following God's dictation to us and being obedient in his direction for us.  He has called us back to the land.  Back to this homestead life. At our age, it's a lot of work, but there's a sense of fulfillment in every dawn and dusk spent on this cherished plot of land. This fits in perfectly with my mission to live a holistic life.  To live a life of abundance no matter the situation. The closer we are to our food source, the healthier we will become. 

Dancing in the field


The ultimate vision is for individuals to experience the harmonious interplay between their choices, their homes, and their overall well-being, fostering a sense of peace that emanates from living in alignment with one's values and God's guidance.


The call to listen to God's guidance for our homes is a cornerstone of this page. By heeding this call and fostering obedience, the overarching reward is not just a cleaner and healthier living environment but also the attainment of peace.


To inspire and guide individuals on a transformative journey toward living holistically. By curating and sharing a wealth of ideas, encompassing clean and crunchyish living, gluten-free and vegan recipes, along with insights into the purest supplements available, the aim is to foster a community dedicated to well-being and mindful living.

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