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This Surgery kicked me in the butt

I was totally unprepared the amount of recovery I was going to need after my hysterectomy.

I had no idea that I was even going to need one, it all came on so sudden.  One day, I was going about my normal life taking ballet classes, working out, doing yoga, being a wife and a mom all the normal stuff and then I started hemorrhaging.  It was manageable at first but within a few days I ended up in the ER where I learned I had a very large fibroid (3/4 lb)  I met the OBGYN surgeon on call who I really connected with.  He had hoped he could control my hemorrhaging with hormones but to no avail.  After being sent home and the rushed back to ER I had lost a significant amount of blood by this time and they started a blood transfusion.  Through the course of my hospital stay I ended up with 5 blood transfusions. 5 units of blood and 2 unites of plasma losing more than ½ of my own blood. (I had to ask the nurses if the blood is Organic and my family teased and said that I might want to start eating meat again)   Finally, a hysterectomy was performed and I was sent home to heal.  The first 2 weeks I slept and laid on the couch coloring in my coloring books because anything more then that was just to much.

At the 2-week mark by Doctor gave me the ok to start moving, walking especially and doing some yoga.  Now being I was so fit and healthy I think he thought I could do more then I could. I actually thought I could do more than I was able to do.   With my yoga therapy background, I worked very slowly testing my body to see what it was capable of.  And here is the part that left me in awe of this type of surgery. This is a major surgery! My body wasn’t ready to move like I was used to (I posted a video of my using yoga as therapy you can check it out if you are needing yoga therapy.  Just always remember to listen to your body. Listen to your breath.)  I was so slow and though I am healing, here I am at 4 ½ weeks and just starting to do a bit more yoga then the video shows.

Yesterday my daughter and I went to the mall so I can get out of the house and walk (it’s to rainy and cold in the PNW to walk outside) by my tracker on my phone we walked about 3000 steps. For those of you that walk 10,000 steps a day you know this isn’t much but for me at this time now I felt like I ran a marathon.  It keeps amazing me how this surgery kicked me in the butt.  My usual week is about 20 hours of activity between teaching Yoga taking Ballet and doing BBG and of course my own Yoga practice when I find the time.  Now I am only doing about 10 – 15 mins of yoga.

The awesome part of our body is God has created it to heal when we give it time.  In all of the comments from IG friends and friends and family everyone keeps telling me to take it easy don’t rush so you don’t end up hurting yourself.  Though that sounds easy to do its super hard to do when you feel you are letting people down by not being there for them or by not being able to dance in the Spring Performance you were working so hard towards.

One of my sweet friends said “Be kind to yourself! Pretend you are you best friend” You know there is so much wisdom in that statement.  I would encourage my best friend or any of my students the exact same thing.  I would never expect anyone to start doing Yoga even Yoga as Therapy before they were truly ready.  I not only have to let my body heal I also need get over the trauma I went through and learn to trust my body again.  It has taken me these 4 weeks to feel comfortable that I wont start hemorrhaging again.  I now feel confident to do more with in my own bodies ability.

I hope this post gives you a bit of encouragement in that we all have our times of feeling weak or vulnerable and we are not alone in our healing process we are all in this together. Whether it’s a time when we are strong and we hold someone up or a time when we are weak and we need to be held we have each other and we have our faith.

For I will restore health to you, and your wounds I will heal declares the Lord ~ Jeremiah 30:17


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